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Tape à l’Œil is a brand worth checking out! Could you

say a few words about your brand universe?

V. F.

Well, for the past 25 years, the brand has been adop-

ting a slightly different approach to putting clothes on

kids between 0 and 14 years old. The brand DNA is all

about adapting an off-beat and carefree look that com-

bines trendiness and style. The trendiness harnesses the

spontaneity and originality of children to a slightly rebel-

lious, offbeat look while our style reflects the watchful

eye of our designers and the elegance of our collections.

What we are really trying to do is to stand back and let

the children express themselves, feel comfortable and

find their own style. Our brand universe blends humour,

quirkiness and affinity with our customers — 90% of

whom are women.

N. F.

Our unique know-how and expertise ranges from

designing collections to distribution and everything

in between – in-store concept (including store layout

and customer flow) and store fittings, right down to the

way in which our customers are greeted by our in-store

teams. And our in-store greeting resonates with all of the

care and playfulness that underpins the brand itself. Our

teams speak Style! They have a very special relationship

with their customers. They know their names and even

the first names of their kids. There’s a really lively in-

store buzz.

Have you developed training programmes for your

in-store teams?

N. F.

Absolutely! Before becoming members of the Tape

à l’Œil team, everyone – regardless of whether they are

going to work in-store or at Head office – has to spend

between one and two weeks out in one of the stores for

complete immersion in the product and day-to-day store

universe. After that, they must do regular in-store stints

to keep in touch with what is going on, exchange with

the teams, help resolve problems and understand the

real needs of our customers. We function just like a body

with two beating hearts: product and store.

Obviously, you are very close to your customers and

there is a keen focus on co-creation. How do you ap-

proach the role of customer service?

N. F.

We strive to build the brand around our customers

by involving them in designing collections that reflect

what they actually want and the colours, forms and fa-

brics they like. This was the idea we started out with and

it has worked pretty well. Together with our customers,

we co-design special collections, at Christmas or Easter

for example, or specific classic collections. And this ap-

proach includes the kids who sometimes come with their

mums to the different workshops.

V. F.

It is this co-creation process that underpins our

whole approach to customer relations by setting the bar

in terms of customer expectations. Once we invite custo-

mers into the product creation process, we can hardly cut

them loose later on if they encounter a problem in-store

or online. Once we opt for a customer relationship based

on proximity, two-way communication and involvement

beginning in the design phase, we can’t stop halfway.

This automatically assumes a very high standard of cus-

tomer service as we have set the bar pretty high from

the outset. Expectations are high and this means that the

disappointment will be just as great if they are not met.

Could you say a few words about your respective

professional journeys within Tape à l’Œil?

N. F.

Well, I’m just beginning my 16


year here. After

around five years spent out in the stores working closely

with customers, I looked after merchandising for almost

10 years. Over the past three years, I focused on France,

Belgium and Poland. Enhancing our stores and making

them more attractive is also part of customer service.

A few months back, I wanted to get even closer to the

customer so I joined the customer service division. So

I’m just getting to know the sector but I am able to draw

on all of my in-store experience to understand both the

needs of customers and teams. The strategic necessity of

Nathalie Ferreira

Head of Merchandising

Véziane Faure

Head of Brand Identity



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