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2018 will mark a new phase in the journey of Sitel

Group which is now No. 3 in the sector worldwide.

How are things looking between now and 2020?

Well, as I said before, the BPO market’s continuing growth is being

accompanied by increased concentration and rapid change.

We have a number of major competitive advantages as we seek to

boost our productivity and our performance:

Sitel Group is a long-term project: both the founders and our

shareholder, the Mulliez family, are long-term stakeholders in

this 30-year-old adventure and our clients know that we are a

solid, stable partner with a long-term vision for the market and

customer relations in general.

Our global size – with 75,000 employees speaking 48 languages

across 25 countries – makes us one of the only players capable

of partnering clients across the entire planet. In each linguistic

zone, we are able to offer a virtually unique combination of

Onshore, Work at home, Nearshore and Offshore solutions.

We have a very well-balanced and diversified client portfolio:

our 10 biggest clients represent less than 35% of our entire

client base (our biggest customer only represents 7% of our

revenues) and our business is well spread out between different

geographies and sectors.

Our Ventures ecosystem that I talked about earlier and our

Customer Experience platform, provide a unique gateway to

a wide range of expertise, know-how and customer support

solutions and services.

The Group’s target is to achieve US$ 2 billion in revenues by 2020

(excluding acquisitions).

The global brands that want us to serve their own customers on

all continents demand one very specific thing – namely, constant

quality service – and this is one of Sitel Group’s key strengths. Our

global presence has not just come about through a hotchpotch of

acquisitions. Neither are we a federation of independent countries.

What we are is a cohesive ensemble structured around “Sitel Group,

BPO as a platform” that now forms the backbone of the entire orga-


This is a major asset, recognised by both clients and analysts alike.

Our clients know that we are a solid, innovative partner who can

take them through all of the transformations that will take place in

our business over the next few years.

We want them to see us as the global partner that helps them win

market share, become recognised leaders in their sector and deliver

enhanced performance.

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