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You now present the Group as a global Customer

Experience platform. Could you say a few words

about the “BPO as a platform” concept?

We’ve gone from being a local call centre operator to a multi-chan-

nel Customer Relations contact centre before becoming what we are

today – a global Customer Experience platform.

In other words, just like Amazon (retail platform), Alibaba (B2B plat-

form in China), Facebook (a platform for connecting people) and

Google (information platform) – each one a highly effective services

platform in its own sector – our very own Sitel Group has become


global Customer Care platform

. Or to put it even more succinctly:

“Sitel Group, BPO as a platform”.

For over 10 years now, we have been growing an ecosystem of

highly specialised subsidiaries around our core BPO business as part

of a conscious diversification strategy:


, our digital CX agency,

focused on the innovative part of Customer Relations and specia-

lised in conversational, chatbot, social and community communica-


Learning Tribes and My Mooc

, focused on learning and skills

development; Novagile, our software venture, designer of solutions

and platforms, focused on innovation and R&D, particularly Artifi-

cial intelligence (dedicated team of six people);

Extens Consulting


focused on customer journey consulting services; and, last but not


Sitel Insights

, focused on Big Data and analytics which are of

strategic importance to the Group.

We have been pioneers in these new areas for some years now –

another part of our corporate DNA is to constantly seek out value-

added, high-tech solutions for our clients. Our role as Customer Ex-

perience platform is to provide clients with a toolbox that can help

them to grow and to enhance their performance.

Clients can access these applications via our “global Customer Expe-

rience solutions platform” which provides a gateway to our latest

innovations, all of our tried and tested operational processes and

effective KPIs for managing their activities.

The idea is to integrate all of these customer services in our various

different markets and this is why we decided to bolster our subsi-

diary ecosystem structure by appointing Philippe Riveron, Founder

and CEO of Learning Tribes, to the newly-created position of Chief

Ventures Officer. Philippe’s contribution to our development and

growth over the past 15 years perfectly embodies the Group’s entre-

preneurial spirit.

Founded in 1985

$ 1.7 billion


48 languages

150 sites

400+ clients

Present in

25 countries

Every day, our 75,000 employees

deal with more than 2.5 million interactions


Work at Home







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