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No less than three Sitel UK and Ireland sites won prizes at the European Contact

Centre And Customer Services Awards held on 29 November 2017 in London.

As Agnès Pegurri, Director of Performance & Standards, Sitel Group explains:

“Quality and two-way communication lie at the heart of our efforts to create

powerful, value-added customer experiences. What we are trying to do is to get

close to our operations, listen to our employees and customers and react quickly.”

The Exeter and Plymouth sites came away with gold medals in the “Best Out-

sourcing Partnership of the Year” award category in recognition of the longs-

tanding partnership with John Lewis, Britain’s best-loved retailer with 148

high-street stores.

Ray Biggs, Operational Director of John Lewis Contact Centres, stressed the

importance of this relationship: “Our partnership is absolutely crucial to the suc-

cess of our organisation and operations. A real partner always tries to do more

than it simply says in the contract and this is what we get with Sitel’s teams.”

Karl Brough, Country Manager Sitel UK & Ireland, added that: “This prize is

the fruit of seven years of joint efforts partnering John Lewis together with

the unstinting commitment of our customer advisers. We try to tackle change

head-on and to be proactive and we are dealing with a partner who listens, for

whom excellence is a by-word.”

The teams in Newcastle were awarded a silver medal in the “Most Effective

Learning & Development Programme” category for their innovative programme

to train 300 learners and drive exponential growth in operational teams.

These results were rounded out by in-house skills development initiatives that

have been successfully used to fill 70% of non-production positions via internal

mobility – a delicate blend of employee well-being, career support and initiatives

that strive for operational excellence and customer satisfaction.