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LEAD (Leadership Excellence And Development) is organised by

and brings SVPs, VPs and CLOs together at

some of the year’s most prestigious conferences that aim to give HR professionals some ideas and tools for dealing

with coming transformations. These two days are all about inspiration and leadership and participants come away with

concrete and measurable action plans for making the lives of their teams easier.

At the 2018 awards, Learning Tribes and Sitel presented the year’s three most fêted projects at workshops and round

table sessions. Each of the three projects was designed to help businesses optimise learning programmes based around

leadership and skills development.



Best Corporate University

Best Use of Simulation

Best Customer Service Leadership


Sitel Group has leveraged its expertise in pursuit

of excellence. The sector’s high revenues and fluc-

tuations in activity mean that the company has

to hire on a weekly basis. This means that HR

teams need to be able to identify suitably qualified

talent pretty quickly and attract greater numbers

of applicants.

So Learning Tribes has come up with a Mooc


Provides access to the US open market. The

Mooc has been deployed outside of the tra-

ditional recruitment loop to reach a greater

number of institutions and communication


Offers a simple pre-qualification solution.

The Mooc actually provides learners with the

knowledge needed to apply for the post of su-

pervisor with all of the required qualifications.

Guarantees VIP application certification.

Once they have successfully completed the

four lessons, candidates receive a certificate

which speeds up the hiring process.

Efficient onboarding of new hires and training in

brand identity and corporate culture represent

a big investment both in time and money. The

Mooc has made it possible to boost the number of

candidates, improve talent retention and cut the

costs of integrating new employees.

Sitel Group handles part of a leading internatio-

nal toy retailer's customer care service via 400

dedicated customer advisers. One issue was the

difficulty in hiring and quickly training additio-

nal advisers to handle seasonal peaks in activity

and guarantee the expertise needed to process the

volume of demand in a very short time.

Sitel asked Learning Tribes to design an A-to-Z

training programme that would enable it to ma-

nage these seasonal peaks. Once it had analysed

the learning landscape, Learning Tribes deployed

an innovative solution that used a blended lear-

ning approach to cut onboarding from 15 to 11

days. VR and 360-degree view videos were used

to immerse customer advisers in an in-store envi-


My Academy is a dynamic, state-of-the-art lear-

ning platform offering blended, collaborative and

game-based learning solutions. Learning Tribes

developed My Academy – a customisable BLMS

system (Blended Learning Management System)

– as part of Sitel University. It incorporates ILT

features (Instructor Led Training), meaning that it

is a genuine blended learning solution that com-

bines all of the other digital learning techniques

in the same learning environment.

With over 200 different modules, My Academy

is now the primary learning resource for 75,000

employees. The platform is equipped with social-

collaborative learning features and cutting-edge

technology, including 360-degree view videos

and augmented reality.